Lindsay Cheal

13.05.2021 06:13

Suzi, Sounds like you are on top of the information, can you send me phots please? Regards, Lindsay.

Suzi Elkenhans

13.05.2021 02:47

We are a charity Op Shop who have come into possession of a 1930s RAAF compact with an Officers Cap badge on the front. You have the same one on your pages. Can you give us any information on it

Maxine Elizabeth Gallagher

14.02.2021 06:40

I have a few RAAF things Leave Pass Handwritten letter re stores Handwritten letter re Coolongatta F boat crash
RAAF cardboard card with names

Lindsay Cheal

06.12.2020 09:09

You can contact me at Regards, Lindsay.

Lindsay Cheal

06.12.2020 09:07

Shannon, Can you supply a photo front and back please? If it is black plastic it is RAAF, if metal and made by Stokes and Sons it's RAAF. Have a look at the buttons on my site and you may find it?

Shannon Layman

06.12.2020 00:00

Hi, Found a button here in Newfoundland, the one with the crown and the eagle from a uniform. Can you provide me details on where its from and time period?

Lindsay Cheal

09.06.2020 03:08

Gary, Unfortunately this museum exists on the web only at this time. Are you interested in RAAF items? if so I can advise you of other RAAF related museums.


09.06.2020 01:33

Hello, I have just come across this site. Can you advise where the Museum is located please?

Lindsay Cheal

26.05.2020 01:15

Laurens, I have not photographed my uniforms as yet, but will in time.


26.05.2020 00:24

Need to see ATC RAAF UNIFORMS from 1976-1980 when I served during those times as a air training cadet with 15Flight Belmont WA

Lindsay Cheal

20.02.2020 06:54

Janet, I don't normally sell items in my collection. I can send it to you for $50 plus postage. Contact me at

Janet Dare

20.02.2020 06:30

I would like to obtain my father,AJ Moses RAAFC Kitbag..I have nothing else that belonged to my father

Lindsay Cheal

21.10.2019 22:47

Possibly Northern Area Finance Office. His service file may provide more information.

John Goobanko

21.10.2019 07:24

I’ve been going through my grandfather’s RAAF members pay book. Enlisted Brisbane in May 41 discharged Nov 45. Service shows Amberley, Port Morseby Feb 42, Horn Island & N.A.F.O. What’s N.A.F.O

Lindsay Cheal

13.09.2019 01:17

I purchased that kit bag in June 2017 from Ebay.

Janet Dare

12.09.2019 21:26

The blue RAAF kit bag with the name AJ MOSES ,RAAF belonged to my father, the late AJ Mostyn ,formally MOSES .He died December 1996.
His army kitbag from 1939 was still in the family home when he died

Janet Dare

11.09.2019 13:01

I am wondering how you came to have my father's RAAF kit bag?

Lindsay Cheal

11.09.2019 21:41

Janet, As you can see I have many kit bags, most came via Ebay, gun shows or dealers. Which one is your fathers?

Tim Goold

25.04.2019 00:42

Ref, WAAF Officers Dress Cap H052.
This cap belonged to my Auntie and it was something I always admired as a young boy growing up.
Brings back very fond memories of a great Lady.

Lindsay Cheal

25.04.2019 07:48

Tim, Always glad to receive feedback, I have had that cap for a long time, I believe that Phyl was the mayor's daughter? Would you have a photo of her please. Regards, Lindsay.


26.12.2018 12:13

less we forget..our past.our future... war and in peace as it is ..sacrifice is not a word but an action that our military does every day every place what ever branch..


20.09.2018 16:10

Came across your website whilst looking into British RAF kit bags. Great content, ditch facebook and get on Instagram!

lindsay Cheal

20.09.2018 22:38

Andy, Thanks for the positive comment, there is a page on Facebook for RAF Flying Clothing Collectors, etc. You may find some info there. Regards, Lindsay.

Lindsay Cheal

20.07.2018 07:43

I don't know of anyone selling a silver E brevet, but they were not worn during WW2, being introduced post war. Please contact me at

Greg Parrott

20.07.2018 06:44

Hi Lindsay,
Do you have for sale, or do you know of anyone selling an flight engineer half brevet metal badge? I am making up a medal board for my MIA great uncle, who was a flight engineer in WWII.

Lindsay Cheal

18.04.2018 21:42

Can you please contact me at

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02.11 | 07:44

Kelly, Yes, I am always adding to my collection.

02.11 | 07:21

Hello I am wondering if you are adding to your collection of cuff links. I have some eagle and crown gold ones I came across today at a thrift store. Your museum has been great to learn from.

15.09 | 10:37

Lucy, Thank you very much, I have amended my website. Regards, Lindsay.

15.09 | 10:04

PI186. W. J. SANDERCOCK 417420 R.A.A.F. was not discharged on 11/1/1945 - he was shot down over Norway.

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