Mark Thorp

19.04.2018 07:43

Thanks Lindsay, heres a link to my finished Spit, hope you like it.!Apn-jJPRdJfklxLU83tkRKVRFobm

Mark Thorp

19.04.2018 01:49

Dear Sir,
I am trying to find a high resolution picture of the 451 Squadron WW2 "unofficial " crest that was used in 1945 - kangaroo in the pouch of which was a joey firing a shanghai.

Lindsay Cheal

19.04.2018 05:48

No, never seen that one before, you have done a great job.

Mark Thorp

19.04.2018 04:22

Thanks Lindsay, i have found some old pics and made one!Apn-jJPRdJfklwW_GAkyhBuaESrO

Lindsay Cheal

19.04.2018 04:17

Sorry, but I have never seen one, but will ask around, have you tried the RAAF Museum, 451 Squadron Assn? and the War Memorial, you could also try Facebook.

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02.11 | 07:44

Kelly, Yes, I am always adding to my collection.

02.11 | 07:21

Hello I am wondering if you are adding to your collection of cuff links. I have some eagle and crown gold ones I came across today at a thrift store. Your museum has been great to learn from.

15.09 | 10:37

Lucy, Thank you very much, I have amended my website. Regards, Lindsay.

15.09 | 10:04

PI186. W. J. SANDERCOCK 417420 R.A.A.F. was not discharged on 11/1/1945 - he was shot down over Norway.

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