I have always been interested in Australian History and Australia’s Military History and started collecting Militaria in High School. As most collectors do, I had a bit of this and a bit of that, so in 1974 I decided to concentrate on all things RAAF.

Over the ensuing years I have built up a reasonable collection of RAAF items ranging from pre war to current day. From aircraft parts to uniforms and everything in between.

I have been participating in displays at Arms Fairs, RAAF Open Days and other community events for some 30 years.


This site is dedicated to those that serve and those that preserve.



This museum exists electronically only.


Under construction.


Carla Constance

29.08.2022 04:56

Hi i have some WW2 sketchings of equip and machinery as well as others .


12.08.2022 01:05

Hi Sgt Byron Crump from Raaf band , most excellent to find your website, we are commemorating our centenary next year and publishing a book if you’ve any images programmes etc I’d love to see them.


17.07.2022 22:13

I am after a 1Stores Depot medalion

Tony Horsington

22.05.2022 03:13

I have an item or two which may be of interest

Lindsay Cheal

22.05.2022 03:30

Tony, Please send details to cheals@ozemail.com.au

Rosalind Redwood Jilla

03.03.2022 07:48

My father was Desmond Firth served in World War 2
I would like to see my father’s watch.


20.02.2022 12:13

You have a watch on your website that belonged to my grandfather. He was shot during the bombing of Darwin. His name is Richard Francis Ede. Are you located in Sydney? Can you please contact me?

Robin Bruce

08.02.2022 08:53

I am ex national service June 1954 RAAF at Rathmines NSW A212789
Still have uniform studded boots etc
Trained as 2A Airframe Fitter
I was a tool maker
I rejoined in February 69 same ID No

Lindsay Cheal

18.12.2021 08:00

Rhys, I was not aware that they had discontinued the AFB Utility jacket. I have never seen one for sale either. AFBlue items are rather rare at the moment. Regards, Lindsay.


18.12.2021 06:10

Hello, recently I've been in the search for an SD-AFB Utility Jacket. However, they no longer produce them and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Would you maybe have an idea where I could find them?

Lindsay Cheal

31.12.2021 09:36

I am told that utility jackets are still currently being worn.

Gary Traynor

20.08.2021 05:10

Hey Lindsay .... did you once tell me there were "Left" and "right" in terms of the cloth shoulder flashes??? i.e. the head of the eagle facing left and right?

Latest comments

02.11 | 07:44

Kelly, Yes, I am always adding to my collection.

02.11 | 07:21

Hello I am wondering if you are adding to your collection of cuff links. I have some eagle and crown gold ones I came across today at a thrift store. Your museum has been great to learn from.

15.09 | 10:37

Lucy, Thank you very much, I have amended my website. Regards, Lindsay.

15.09 | 10:04

PI186. W. J. SANDERCOCK 417420 R.A.A.F. was not discharged on 11/1/1945 - he was shot down over Norway.

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